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What Are Automatic Orders? Video

Straight talk with Long Island’s top rated divorce attorney, David Badanes, Esq.

Today’s Straight Talk: What are automatic orders?

In New York State, once you file for divorce, there are what called automatic orders for both you and your spouse. In general terms, this means keeping your status quo in terms of paying your bills and your financial information and financial documents.

So if you’ve been paying the mortgage prior to divorce. You are obligated to keep paying the mortgage. If you’ve been paying all these other general bills, electricity, heating, and water. You have to keep paying those bills as well. Also, you cannot just keep running off credit card debt if you have not been doing that prior to divorce.

So the automatic orders are orders that say to you, that you have to, in general terms keep the status quo as it pertains to your financial information and your financial life.


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