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Can I Change My Child Custody Agreement Even If I Have Been Divorced a Long Time?

In many divorces, the children are fairly young, and your divorce agreement regarding child custody may be very outdated. However, provided your children are under the age of 18 years of age, it is never too late to change your child custody arrangements.

In order to change any child custody agreement, regardless if it was signed two days ago or fifteen years ago, you typically have to show a significant change of circumstances. This means, that since the date that the agreement was entered into, that there have been many (significant) changes in the children’s lives; the custodial parent’s situation or your situation.

One good reason to have a change in custody, is that the children now want to live with you. However, the children will have to be sincere in their reasons for wanting to change their living situation from one parent to the other parent.

Another possible good reason, is that the custodial parent wants to move out of New York State, but, the children want to stay in New York.

If you are not seeking a change in custody, but, only more parenting time with the children, that may be easier to obtain. Again, you still have to show a significant change of circumstances (i.e. a good reason), why you should have more parenting time. Every situation is different, so depending on how much more time you want, and why, it hard to predict if your request will be granted.

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