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How Are Divorces Being Affected by the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus is affecting all aspects of our “normal” life. The Court system is no exception. The Courts have decided that only “emergency” applications and filings will be allowed.

So far, in Suffolk County, they are not accepting new divorce actions. In Nassau County, you can commence a new divorce action by e-filing. If you have a pending divorce, most likely any court appearances have been adjourned to a date in May or even to a later month. If there are any pending motions, they will be extended.

If there are any temporary orders of custody or support, they are continued. If there is a temporary order of protection that is scheduled to end, then the end date has been indefinitely extended until the Coronavirus emergency is over.

In summary, your divorce action is basically “on hold”. However, it is important to note that each Judge may be handling your case differently. Therefore, you should always check with your attorney to confirm what exactly has happened to your divorce case.

David Badanes, Esq. and the Badanes Law Office, P.C. is keeping apprised of the new developments as it pertains to the Coronavirus. David Badanes have helped countless clients going through their divorce and navigating them through the process.

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