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The Super Bowl and Divorce

The Super Bowl, what some people call the “true National Holiday.”  Even people who don’t care about football tend to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. For divorcing couples who have children, the Super Bowl is one more issue that should be addressed in their divorce.

Since most divorces are settled, the parties will decide among themselves when they have the children.  Typically, for most holidays, the parties will alternate on a yearly basis.  For example, one spouse will get Thanksgiving on Odd years and the other spouse will get Thanksgiving on Even years.  In this way, each parent is treated fairly and they get to see their children for at least some of the holidays each year and will see their children for all the holidays every two years.

Whether or not the Super Bowl is important to you, it might be important to your spouse and/or in the future, you might change your mind.  You can treat the Super Bowl the same as any other holiday, by alternating which parent has the children for the “big game” on a yearly basis.  Alternatively, if both spouses agree, one spouse can have the Super Bowl every year with the children.

David Badanes, Esq. and the Badanes Law Office, P.C. makes sure that all the issues, even the Super Bowl, is discussed and handled in any divorce that involves children.  If you are seeking a divorce contact David Badanes and the Badanes Law Office, P.C.  David Badanes has represented and helped numerous clients and can help you. To contact David Badanes and the Badanes Law Office, call: 631-239-1702, email: david@dbnylaw.com or visit their web site at www.dbnlaw.com.  The Badanes Law Office has offices in Suffolk County (Northport) and in Nassau County (Uniondale).

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