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The Top Five Ways to Avoid A Long Drawn Out Divorce

You want a divorce or you have just been served with divorce papers.  Either way, you don’t want a long drawn-out divorce process.  Here are the top five ways to avoid such a fate:

  1. Provide your attorney with all the requested documentation. Most divorces will require each party to provide their financial documentation.  This will include: bank statements, credit card statements, tax returns, deeds, mortgage information.  The sooner you provide those documents, the sooner your divorce should be able to be completed.
  2. Respond to your attorney’s emails and other requests. During the divorce process, your divorce attorney is bound to have questions and other requests for you to respond to.  By responding quickly, you help your attorney in quickly resolving the issue.
  3. Focus on the important issues. Too often, clients get caught up in fighting about every issue, even ones that really are not that important.  It is important to identify which issues are important and concentrate on fighting those.
  4. Decide what issues can be settled early on. Related to the above, if there are issues that can be settled, then you may be able to resolve them early in the divorce process and then litigate the rest.  By reducing the number of issues, this will reduce the time your divorce is in the court system.
  5. Be available to attend all court conferences. There may be several court conferences.  If you are requested to attend a court conference, it is better to make yourself available for all court conferences.  Every time that you request an adjournment or a continuance of a court conference will add more delays to your divorce.

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