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What Is Temporary or Pendente Lite Child Support and Other Temporary Rulings In A Divorce?

You may have heard the term “pendente lite” child support or “pendente lite” spousal maintenance.  What do those terms mean?

Since a divorce can take months and sometimes years, before the Court makes a final ruling on your divorce, the Court may make other decisions or rulings while the divorce is pending.

The term “pendente lite” is a Latin term meaning “pending litigation” or in legal terms until the divorce is final, this is the Court’s decision or ruling. In laymen’s terms, a “pendente lite” ruling, means a temporary ruling that stands until the Court makes another decision. Once the Court issues its final divorce decree, in virtually all situations, a “pendente lite” decision becomes null and void.

The two most common uses of a “pendente lite” ruling are “pendente lite child support” and “pendente spousal maintenance” rulings.

A “pendente lite child support” decision is where the Court will make one parent pay child support to the other parent. When making a “pendente lite child support” decision, the Court typically has much less information than it would have if there was a trial. Once the Court issues a pendente lite child support order, it is binding.

Similarly, a “pendente lite spousal maintenance” order is where the Court will make one spouse make temporary spousal maintenance (alimony) payments to the other parent.

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