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Top Four Tips To Secure Your Phone And Computers During A Divorce

Your phone and computers have lots of private and important information. It is absolutely essential that if you are going through a divorce, that you secure your phone and your computer.

Here are the top four tips on how to secure your phone and computers during a divorce.

#1 – Change ALL your passwords:  In order to prevent your spouse from accessing your phone and computers, you must change all your passwords. Indeed, it is probably a good idea that BEFORE you start your divorce, that you change all your passwords. When changing your passwords, you want to make sure that you do not pick new passwords that your spouse could easily guess. It is highly recommended that you buy a password management system. There are many to choose from, for example: iPassword, Keeper, RoboForm, McAfee, LastPass. Make sure you also install a new passcode on your phone.

#2 – Encrypt your text messages: Your text messages are ripe for stealing. There are a few “Apps” that will encrypt your text message, such as WhatsApp and Signal.

#3 – Encrypt your computer’s hard drive: Even if you change your passwords, your computer’s hard drive may still be accessible. In order to prevent someone from taking your hard drive and copying what’s on it, you need to encrypt your hard drive.

#4 – Never leave your computer alone: Never leave your computer alone or where you spouse has access to it. If you must bring your computer home, then lock it in a home safe or lock it in your car (assuming the temperature of the car is not too hot or too cold).

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