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What Are Some Important Issues That Must Be Addressed In A Divorce? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq., an experienced divorce attorney who has a track record of success and passion in handling hundreds of simple and complex divorce and family law cases.

What Are Some Important Issues That Must Be Addressed In a Divorce or Separation?

If you are getting divorced, and you get a separation agreement or a settlement agreement, what is usually called a stipulation settlement, there are many issues that need to be addressed in it. First of all, if you have children, of course, child custody must be addressed and must be very specific.

The next thing again if you have children is child support and again how much you are going to either pay or get and again it has to be specific talking about not just based child support but also paying for extracurricular, paying for college, paying for health expenses, that has to be addressed. Also, what has to be addressed, is if you are going to have to pay spousal maintenance or what some people called alimony. Again, if you are not going to pay for it, that has to be addressed.

Also, of course, any of your assets or debts, what most people called equitable distribution, your house, your cars, your pensions, any bank accounts, any mutual fund stocks those kind of assets must be addressed. Any debts you may have, credit card debt, student loans, if you have personal loans again that has to be addressed in your stipulation of settlement or your separation agreement.


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