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Court Ordered Mediation in Suffolk County, NY

Suffolk County has recently implemented mandatory mediation for all divorce cases (although, there are some exceptions, such as cases involving domestic violence). The mediation is held at the courthouse. The mediators could be a retired Judge, a specially trained court mediator or an attorney.

Although, the mediation is mandatory, the parties only have to attend one mediation session. If, either party decides that mediation is not going to work, they can notify the court and they will not be required to attend any more mediation sessions. Similarly, at any time during the mediation process, either party could also end the mediation process.
The parties can attend the mediation sessions without their attorney or they can have their attorney present during the mediation session. However, most parties will choose to attend the mediation session without their attorneys.

One of the advantages of Court-Ordered mediation sessions is that they are free. Yet, like any mediation, there are also disadvantages of the mediation process — especially when it is Court-Ordered.

Typically, if parties have chosen to file a divorce through the court process, mediation may not be the best option for them. They probably do not trust each other. In addition, at least in this stage of the divorce, the parties may not be willing to compromise.

If you live in Suffolk County, David Badanes, Esq, and the Badanes Law Office, P.C. can explain how the Court-Ordered mediation service works. David Badanes, Esq. and the Badanes Law Office, P.C., have helped numerous clients in their divorces and can help you as well.

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