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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

As your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney, Badanes Law Office will provide guidance and support throughout the entire process. Bankruptcy can be a scary word, but, it doesn’t have to be.  With our help we can get you through the bankruptcy process. Here are the general steps involved in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: 

#1: Meet with the Badanes Law Office.

First, you will meet with the Badanes Law Office, where we will explain the bankruptcy  process in detail. We want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what to expect and how we will assist you. Additionally, we will help you to gather all of your required financial documents to best present your financial condition to the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee. The Trustee is appointed by the Bankruptcy Court and represents all of your creditors throughout your bankruptcy case.

#2: Complete a credit counseling class.

Next, you will need to complete a credit counseling class, which can conveniently be completed online. Once you have finished the class and sent us all the required financial documents, we will prepare and file your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition using the information we have gathered. The Bankruptcy Court will then assign a Trustee, review the submitted petition and schedule a “341” meeting. The Bankruptcy Court will also issue an “Automatic Stay”, meaning all of your creditors (even ones that may not be ultimately discharged) must cease any and all collection practices until your case is closed. All the creditors calls, emails, text messages and any communications immediately stop the day we file your petition.

#3: Attend the "341" Meeting.

The “341” meeting is attended by you and David Badanes, Esq, as your attorney in front of the Trustee. It also provides an opportunity for creditors to participate in the “341” meeting. The Trustee will confirm question you, under oath, about your property, income, expenses and debts. We will make sure that you are prepared to answer the Trustee’s questions.

#4: Complete another financial management course online.

After the “341” meeting, you will need to complete another financial management course online, again we will send you a convenient link to this online course. Once all aspects of the meeting are completed and the Trustee determines the outcome of your debt, an Order will be issued. This Order will discharge (forgive or “wipe out”) your eligible debts and will be sent to all relevant creditors. With the issuance of this Order, your bankruptcy case will be successfully concluded.

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