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Same Sex Divorce

Same-Sex Divorce Attorney on Long Island, NY

David Badanes and the Badanes Law Office have helped numerous same sex couples to obtain a divorce. Divorces for gay or lesbian married couples are procedurally the same as divorces for different-sex couples. All the issues that different-sex couples find in their divorce are the same issues that same sex couples encounter.
The bottom line is that all divorces are gender-neutral. Accordingly, David Badanes handles same sex divorcing couples with the same expertise that he brings to different sex divorcing couples.
All the issues for heterosexual couples are the same issues that same-sex couples have to encounter and resolve within the court system.
Same Sex Divorce

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The Badanes Law Office can help you navigate the following common LGBT or same-sex divorce issues:

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Many same-sex and LGBT couples have assets that they want to protect.  A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can help protect both parties. For more information about prenuptial and postnuptial agreements go to our Prenuptial Agreements page.

Child Custody & Visitation

Same-sex and LGBT couples encounter the same issues with child custody and visitation that opposite-sex couples do.  Many same-sex and LGBT couples are more creative when it comes to resolving child custody and visitation issues. For more information about child custody and visitation go to our Child Custody page.

Child Support

As with opposite-sex couples, the parent who is deemed to be the “residential custodial parent”, will be entitled to child support.  However, all parents, including same-sex and LGBT couples can modify or opt-out of the child support obligations.  For more information about child support go to our child support page.

Spousal Support/Alimony

In New York State, spousal support (also called spousal maintenance or alimony) is gender-neutral.  If one spouse earns less income than the other spouse, they may be entitled to spousal maintenance. Since January 2016, New York State has enacted a new spousal maintenance law which applies to all married couples. For more information about spousal maintenance go to our Spousal Maintenance page.

Asset Distribution

If you and your spouse have assets that need to be distributed, then the law is the same for same-sex and LGBT couples as it is for opposite-sex couples. The general rule is that all assets acquired after marriage are considered marital property and will be divided as such.  For more information about asset distribution go to our Asset Distribution page.

If the same-sex couple have children, then child custody and child support will need to be determined.

The assets of the gay or lesbian couple will need to be distributed. Similarly, any marital debts will need to be allocated.

If spousal maintenance (alimony) is an issue, that will need to be resolved as well.

David Badanes and the Badanes Law Office have helped gay and lesbian couples in their divorce proceedings. Many LGBT couples decide that divorce mediation is a better alternative than a traditional divorce. In addition to representing same-sex clients in a contested divorce, the Badanes Law Office have helped numerous couples in divorce mediation.  Our firm proudly serves the Long Island LGBT Community.

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