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What Are The Differences Between A Legal Separation And A Fully Executed Divorce? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq., a high-rated divorce attorney on Long Island, New York.

Today’s Straight Talk: What are the differences between a legal separation and a fully executed divorce?

If you’re thinking of getting separated versus a divorce, you may want to know what the differences are.

The first difference is, if you’re separated, most likely you can stay on your spouse’s health insurance plan. That may be very important to you while in a divorce, most likely you will not be able to stay on your spouse’s health insurance plan. That is the main difference between getting separated and getting divorced.

Another main difference is while you are separated, you are still technically married. Well, what does it mean? That means you cannot get married to somebody else. You can live with that person but you cannot get married. You are still married while you are legally separated.

There are also many tax differences between being separated and divorce. You should consult with an experienced CPA or an accountant to learn what those exact tax differences are between being separated and divorce.

Those are the main differences between being legally separated and being divorced.


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