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Parenting Time

Long Island Visitation Rights Lawyer in Suffolk & Nassau Counties

Visitation (Parenting Time)

Visitation (what I like to call parenting time) with your child is your right and you should have a visitation (parenting) schedule that is right for you and your child. The Badanes Law Office has created many creative visitation (parenting time) schedules which work for both parents and more importantly for their children.

If the divorcing parties do not go to trial (which is about 90% to 95% of divorces), then you and your ex-spouse will decide the visitation (parenting) time. This will be done in an agreement called the Stipulation of Settlement. The Badanes Law Office knows that the most important factors in drafting a Stipulation of Settlement is to be thorough and specific. With our experience your Stipulation of Settlement will give you and your child the visitation (parenting) time that you deserve, while making sure that you address as many as life’s contingencies as possible.

Visitation (Parenting Time)

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After your divorce, there may be changes in your life or the child’s life that will require a modification to the visitation (parenting) time. You can petition the Court for a modification of your visitation times. You will have to demonstrate that there was a change in circumstances (or in some instances a substantial change in circumstances) and that the modification in visitation is in the “best interest of the child.” The Badanes Law Office has the experience to demonstrate why there should be a modification to the visitation (parenting) time.

Relocation Issues

If you want to relocate with a child, you have to demonstrate that the relocation is in the best interests of the child. You may be able to relocate if your move is necessary due to a loss of employment. The Badanes Law Office has helped several parents in relocation issues.

Alternatively, your ex may be seeking to relocate. In order to relocate or to prevent your ex from relocating, you need an attorney who is experienced in this particular issue. The Badanes Law Office has helped several parents in preventing the other parent from relocating.

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