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Mother’s Rights

Long Island Mother’s Rights Attorney

Family Law and Custody Attorney for Mother’s Rights in Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Many mothers are concerned about their rights in a divorce or in a custody dispute. The Badanes Law Office has helped countless mothers in their fight to obtain custody.  The Badanes Law Office takes the time to explain the process, the law and how each mother can apply strategies to help their case.

It pays to know the law.  Here, the law is very clear, the Courts are to supposed to treat both sexes equally in determining the issue of child custody or any other issue involved in a divorce.  When determining custody, the Court is to look at several factors, including: (i) who has been the primary caregiver; (ii) the willingness to foster a relationship between the child and the other parent; (iii) the child’s preference; and (iv) the quality of care.

However, it is also very clear, that some judges have a subtle bias towards mothers, while other judges have a subtle bias towards fathers.  When representing a mother, it is important to know what a particular Judge’s bias may be.  In overcoming any bias, against a mother, the Badanes Law Office will zealously fight for your rights.  We use the legal factors to demonstrate that you, as the mother, should have custody of the children.

In today’s world, many mothers work outside the home. They are concerned that due to their employment, that they may not get custody of the children. However, the Badanes Law Office can implement strategies to make sure that employment is not an impediment to gaining custody.

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