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Season Tickets and Divorce: Who Gets The Tickets in A Divorce?

If you own season tickets to the Mets, Yankees or other sports team, then what happens to those season tickets if you are getting divorced?

In most situations, season tickets would be considered “marital property.”  As with all marital property, the default rule would be that season tickets would belong to both parties.

In most situations, the parties are able to work out a settlement on who pays for the tickets and who gets to use the season tickets.  As with any settlement agreement, the details should be put in writing.

If the parties cannot work out a settlement, then the Court may take testimony on which party should get the tickets.  In general terms, here are the options available to the Court in determining who gets to use the season tickets:

50/50 Split:  This is the choice that most Courts would choose.  Each spouse would get an equal amount of games and would get every other game. Another way to divide the tickets would be on an every other season basis, however, that is rarely used.

Sell the Tickets:  In rare situations, the Court may force the parties to sell the tickets.  Any revenue would be equally divided between the parties.

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