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Ten Quick Child Custody “Battle” Tips for Parents

Here are ten quick tips on how to help you “win” your child custody case:

  1. Keep a Diary:  It can help build your case and potentially as evidence.
  2. Be careful what you say in text messages and emails: What you say can be used against you as evidence.
  3. Be careful on what you post on social media: Whatever you post can be used as evidence.
  4. If you live with the other parent, do not move out (until your attorney tells you that is is OK)
  5. Do not focus on the little things: If the other parent says that you “spoil” the child or that you don’t dress them appropriately.  The Court typically focuses on much more important and bigger issues.  The Judge doesn’t want to hear about such trivial disputes and issues.
  6. Drug or Alcohol Issue: Seek help and therapy immediately
  7. Follow Court Orders: During your Case, the Judge may issue some temporary order, it is important to follow all court orders.
  8. Do not represent yourself
  9. Listen to your attorney’s advice.  Too many times, clients “shoot themselves in the foot” by not listening to their attorney’s advice.
  10. Have patience:  The court process can sometime seem like it is going on forever, it is important to have patience.

When you are seeking child custody, there is a lot you need to know and a lot you can to do to help you win your case.

You need an experienced child custody attorney to help you in your child custody matter. David Badanes and the Badanes Law Office, P.C. have helped numerous clients in obtaining child custody.

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