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Divorce Mediation: Advantages and Disadvantages

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of divorce mediation.


Less Expensive: As long as your mediation “works” (see below for disadvantages), then mediation is almost always less expensive than a contested divorce. This is because instead of each spouse having their own attorney and paying that attorney, there is only one mediator to pay. Furthermore, the mediator’s hourly rate is most likely less than a typical attorney.

Less Time: Divorce mediation will typically be a much faster process than going to court. Most mediations are done within two to three months.

Less Stressful: Most divorcing couples experience a lot less stress in using a mediator than hiring their own attorneys. With mediation, the couple is working together to create a divorce agreement. In comparison, in a contested divorce, the couple is working against each other.

More Creative: In mediation, a good mediator will be able to present more creative solutions to the issues faced in a divorce.

More Control: In mediation, you and your spouse have more control over the process. With the mediator’s help, you decide how the divorce process will proceed and as stated above, you can be more creative in solving the issues of the divorce.


Potential to be More Expensive: If your mediation “fails”, then you have spent money on the mediator and now have to spend money on attorneys. This most likely will make your overall divorce process more expensive.

Must be Willing to Compromise: If one or both parties are not willing to compromise, then divorce mediation will not work. When using a mediator, both parties must be able to compromise and discuss issues rationally and amicably.

Not For Alcoholics, Drug Abusers: Most mediators will tell you that if one or both parties are an alcoholic or abuse illegal (or prescription) drugs, that mediation most likely is not the proper forum for your divorce.

Not For Domestic Violence: Similarly, if there is domestic violence, then mediation most likely will not work.

Not For Complicated Cases, High Income Couples: If your divorce is one where the parties earn a high income or is a complicated case, then mediation most likely will not work for you.

In addition to being an attorney, David Badanes, Esq. is also a mediator and has helped numerous couples in mediation sessions. If you want a mediator, then call David Badanes at 631-239-1702 or email at david@dbnylaw.com.

David Badanes typically conducts his mediation in his Northport office; however, mediation is also available in Uniondale and virtually.

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