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In New York: What Is The Difference Between Supreme Court And Family Court

In New York, there are several layers and several different types of Courts.  This article will give an explanation of the differences between Supreme Court and Family Court.

Supreme Court:  Unlike many other States and unlike the Federal Government, in New York, the Supreme Courts are not the highest Courts.  Instead, New York Supreme Courts are generally one of the “lowest” Courts, and is the trial court of New York.  The New York Supreme Courts, generally handle: (i) Civil litigation cases; (ii) Divorce cases; (iii) Real Estate Disputes; (iv) Disputes against government agencies; and (v) other general cases.

As it pertains to “family” matters, New York Supreme Courts is the Court that handles all divorce cases.

Family Court: Will handle the following kinds of cases: (i) for unmarried couples: child custody disputes and child support disputes; (ii) non-criminal orders of protection; (iii) adoptions; (iv) child abuse and other child protection type cases; (v) spousal support cases; (vi) paternity determinations; and (vii) juvenile delinquency cases.

Therefore, for unmarried couples, if there is a dispute involving their children (under the age of 21), then they will be in Family Court.  It is important to note that Family Court cannot grant you a divorce, for that, you must go to Supreme Court.

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