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What to do if Your Spouse Will Not Let You Take the Kids to the St. Patrick Day Parade

Many years ago, I worked in New York City and my office was at the start of the New York City St. Patrick Day Parade (5th Avenue at 45th Street). I always enjoyed watching the parade. For those parents who are divorced or about to get divorced, it is very rare to have a special carve out for St. Patrick Day (or for other “minor holidays”). So, what if it is not your turn to have the children, but you would like to take them to the Parade? Here are some tips on what to do.

  • Talk to Your Ex (or soon to be ex): Sometimes the easiest thing to do is just to talk to your ex or soon to be ex. The worst that can happen is they say “no”.
  • Trade Days: You can offer your ex to “trade days”, meaning that you will have the kids on St. Patrick’s Day and you will give your ex, one of your “days”.
  • Have Your Attorney do the Talking: If talking to your ex doesn’t work, then have your attorney talk to your ex’s attorney. Sometimes getting the attorneys involved solves the problem.
  • Go to Court: If all else fails, you can bring a petition to Court. Now, most Judges may not think that St. Patrick Day is that important. However, if you can show that before the divorce, you often took the children to the parade or that you, yourself are in the parade, then the Judge may agree with you.

During your divorce or after your divorce, there are many situations that may not be covered in your divorce agreement. The Badanes Law Office and David Badanes can answer your questions concerning these events.

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